The Best Bourbon Glasses

The Best Bourbon Glasses

Bourbon is more than just a distilled spirit— it’s a hallmark of American history. Since the 18th century, when Europeans began settling in the south to establish farms, Bourbon has been a staple product, both for personal and commercial use.

The Europeans who put down roots in Kentucky during this time brought their knowledge of distilling whiskey with them. The only issue, however, was that rye didn’t grow as well in the southeastern state as it did overseas. So, they turned to the area’s abundance of corn, which when mashed and mixed with water and then aged in wood barrels, produced the signature oaky, vanilla taste the beverage is known for today.

But in order to fully experience the distinct aromas and essences that give American bourbon it’s highly regarded appeal, there are steps that must be followed— steps that many whiskey enthusiasts consider to be an essential ritual.

And the first step? It’s all about the bourbon glass

Whiskey glasses are intentionally and expertly designed to feel hefty in the hand, have a handsome appearance, and emphasize the earthy, rich fragrance of the spirit itself.

We’ve included a short guide to the three main categories of bourbon glasses below:

1. The Whiskey Tumbler

    For many whiskey distillers, the classic tumbler remains the best way to drink bourbon. While these glasses don’t enhance nose capability as much as tulip-shaped drinkware options, they do offer a superior holding experience thanks to their (typically) weighted bottoms. They also hold a greater amount of liquid, making them ideal for mixing cocktails or adding a few extra ice cubes. 

    Whiskey tumblers come in a range of sizes and shapes, from square drinking glasses to more traditional round configurations— each providing their own unique feel and charm.

    To take your experience to the next level, consider investing in personalized bourbon glasses for an added touch.


    Try mixing up a Jim Beam Bourbon Sour.  It delivers a crisp, citrus bite, which is balanced out by the toasty, honeyed flavors the brand has built its reputation upon. Best served in a tumble

    2. The Glencairn

    Before whiskey ever made its way to America, folks in Scotland were savoring it’s rich, spicy flavors. In fact, their love for the spirit dates back as far as the 15th century.

    Thus, it’s no surprise that the Scots are also responsible for one of the most highly-esteemed bourbon glasses in existence today— the Glencairn.

    As far as bourbon tasting glasses go, it is the finest option on the market. Its tapered mouth provides unparalleled nose capability, drawing the natural aromas of the spirit upwards and into the nostrils.

    If you’re a whiskey purist and want to experience every nuance of the bourbons you drink, this is the glass for you.


    Buffalo Trace Distillery is the creator of W.L. Weller 12-year bourbon — a whiskey that is heralded as one of the smoothest and most balanced on the market today. With undertones of almond and vanilla, it’s an easy consideration for the smoothest bourbon to drink neat . Thus, all you need to do to enjoy this acclaimed offering is pour it into your Glencairn (it is best enjoyed at room temperature) and sip it at your leisure. 

    3. The Brandy Bowl

    Also known as the Snifter, these are considered to be the best bourbon glasses by many old-school whiskey drinkers. They’re often preferred due to the fact that they can be tilted slightly without spilling, making for a relaxed, worry-free drinking experience. 

    They also emphasize the fragrance of bourbon more than a tumbler.

    But perhaps the greatest appeal of the brandy bowl is the fact that it is famous amongst high-brow drinkers, having been featured in movies for decades, where sophisticated male characters (like James Bond) like sip cognac from their Sifters while smoking on Cuban cigars.

    If you’re looking for the best way to drink bourbon while feeling like a gentleman, this is likely the option for you.


    For a warm, winter cocktail recipe, try a Brandy Blazer . In a Snifter, allow granulated sugar to dissolve in brandy. Then tilt the glass and ignite it with a match. Stir the mixture with a spoon until the flame disappears, then garnish with an orange twist.

    Are you interested in purchasing one-of-a-kind bourbon glasses your guests will love? Our drinkware is inspired by the stained glass windows from the Sagrada Familia Basilica, making each piece a story to be told.