'Sagrada' Martini Glasses

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    • Turn Your Cocktail Hour Into a Mesmerizing Moment Of Art And Beauty With ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses

      From the Sunlit Desk of Albert Grimaldo
      Barcelona, Catalonia

      Dear Friend of La Familia,

      This Christmas…

      Bring luxury and handcrafted elegance to your celebrations with the ultra-sophisticated ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses.

      These exquisite heirloom-quality works of art make every moment one to remember.

      And the ultra-chic, super-sleek, head-turning designs transform your favorite cocktails into objets d'art.

      glassware or art

      But I'm not the only one who thinks so, because…

      A 5-Star Luxury Hotel in London featured ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses in their World-Famous Modern Art Collection

      You see…

      Deep in the heart of London's West End, there’s a 5-star luxury hotel called One Aldwych.

      But this hotel isn’t just a place to rest your head for the night…

      It’s also famous for its world-class collection of modern art – celebrated by art fans and critics worldwide.

      Every painting, sculpture and decoration you see is carefully selected to elevate the look and feel of the hotel.

      glassware or art

      And in the hotel's world-famous Lobby Bar…

      Our ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses were chosen as THE objet d’art in which to serve the bar's signature “Basilica Catalana” cocktail!

      What a privilege!

      glassware or art
      glassware or art

      Now you can bring this 5-star luxury experience into your own home.

      Because ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses bring joy and sophistication into your cocktail hour…

      Turning it into a unique moment of hypnotic beauty…

      And perfectly setting the scene for every special occasion!

      As you can see…

      The Graceful Stem, Substantial Bowl and Stunning Colors Turn Your Cocktails Into Delicious Works of Art

      Which makes the ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glass perfect for any occasion – whether you're throwing a huge celebration, having a casual get-together or relaxing after a long day.

      And Familia members agree:

      Rick K. says:

      “WOW - what beautiful glasses these are. The quality is amazing and the colors are so attractive. These are definitely show stoppers with my friends.”

      Kenneth B. let us know:

      “Not only are they extraordinarily beautiful, but they are much larger and much more substantial than what we expected. Thank you!!!!”

      Elizabeth N. says her ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses are...

      “The most beautiful glasses I have ever owned. Period.”

      Tell you what, comments like these make my heart soar like a hawk.

      Because I know how hard our master glass blowers work to deliver the finest martini glasses possible.

      And these martini glasses are truly graceful and delicate, yet solid and substantial.

      glassware or art

      Meaning they may LOOK fragile, but…

      ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses are Made to Last

      Every piece has to be strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily happy hour in the busy One Aldwych Lobby Bar.

      Which means, with proper care, ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses will last a lifetime in your home.

      The secret to their strength is in their clever design:

      Our master artists use ancient Roman techniques to shape each martini glass from a single blob of lead-free glass.

      glassware or art

      So the stem and base are extensions of the bowl.

      And the secret to their beauty is their hand painted colors:

      The stained glass windows of the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona inspired the rich swirling colors.

      Our master painters use tiny brushes to apply the crimson, azure and real gold one panel at a time. Then, they back the glasses in a special kiln to make the colors permanent.

      Which makes ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses…

      Gorgeous, Heirloom-Quality Glassware You’ll Feel Proud to Own, Display, or Give as a Gift

      When you reserve your ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses today, we’ll cradle your order in a silken-lined luxury gift box and ship it safely to any destination you request.

      glassware or art

      And as always, for total peace of mind, your order is fully protected by the exclusive Cornet Barcelona...

      Double-Satisfaction 100% Money-Back Guarantee

      You must feel 100% thrilled with your 'Sagrada' Wine Goblets or your money back.

      No questions.

      No hassles.

      If for any reason you are anything less than overjoyed, you may return your item(s) within 90 days. We'll issue a replacement or full refund, and we'll even pay for the shipping.

      And for another nine months – one year total – you may return your glasses for any reason for a prompt, postage-paid replacement.

      Remember, ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glasses are made in small batches. And they’re one of our most popular pieces. So we tend to sell out fast and often.

      In fact, the last batch sold out in only nine hours. So to avoid disappointment, consider ordering now before they’re gone again.

      Salud, amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!

      Founder, Cornet Barcelona

    • Fast and secure delivery

      3-5 day delivery to any European country. Cornet Barcelona glasses come in a glassware-safe luxury gift box to ensure you receive them in perfect conditions. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout depending on your delivery address.

      Iron-Clad, Double-Satisfaction, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

      You must feel overjoyed with your handcrafted glassware purchase or you may return your art pieces any time within 90 days for a full refund or a prompt replacement.

      No hassles.

      No worries.

      And we’ll cover the shipping costs.

      Plus — for an additional nine months (one year in total) you may return your piece(s) for any reason and receive a prompt replacement.

      And we’ll still cover the shipping.

      Offering you luxury-level service, making sure you're happy and treating you like family is our top priority. It’s our way of expressing deep gratitude for your purchase.

    • How many millilitres will my ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glass hold?

      Your handcrafted ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glass holds 350 millilitres. And we suggest filling it with 175 millilitres of your favorite martini.

      How tall is this ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glass?

      From base to lip, the ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glass is 20 centimetres tall. The graceful stem and ultra-chic design set the mood for any celebration or romantic rendezvous.

      How wide is this ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glass?

      At its widest point, the ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glass is 13 centimetres.

      Please note: Since every piece is handcrafted individually, size and measurements may vary slightly.

      Is the ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glass shipped in a protective box?

      Absolutely. The moment your order is processed, we’ll carefully nestle your glassware in an elegant, silken-lined luxury box.

      · The luxury box is made to keep your precious cargo 100% safe during transit.

      · And it’s gorgeous enough to double as a breathtaking gift box – no fancy wrapping paper necessary.

      Do your artists use lead-free glass?

      Definitely. Every piece is handcrafted with lead-free glass.

      Is this ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glass dishwasher safe?

      No, it is not dishwasher safe.

      Dishwashers can damage the stunning, hand-painted designs decorating your ‘Sagrada’ Martini Glass. That’s why we highly recommend hand washing your art pieces to preserve their lustrous finish for years to come.

      Do you offer any form of guarantee?

      Yes! Your order is always protected by our Iron-Clad, Double-Satisfaction, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

      You must feel overjoyed with your handcrafted glassware purchase, or you may return your order any time within 90 days.

      You will then receive a full refund or a prompt replacement – whichever you prefer.

      And we’ll cover the shipping costs.

      Plus — for an additional nine months (one year in total) you may return your piece(s) for any reason and receive a prompt replacement.

      And we’ll still cover the shipping.

      Offering you this level of white-glove service is our way of saying “Thank you” for investing in Cornet Barcelona art pieces. And it’s our commitment to treating you like Familia.

      Do the website prices include VAT?

      The prices of the art pieces showcased on our website do not include VAT. This is because we offer shipping services to every country in the EU and the UK, each with its distinct tax percentage.

      How can I contact you?

      Feel free to contact us anytime. Click “Contact Us” to receive prompt, friendly. white-glove service. >>Contact Us

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