The Philosophy at the Heart of Cornet Barcelona

Our Values

Honesty: Embrace all that is true around you. A beautiful flower. A sleeping puppy. The strains of Pachelbel’s Canon. Be truthful to yourself and others. People will validate you and your perspective. Hold tightly onto what you know to be true. Show your honesty in your words and actions. It’s what sets you—and Cornet Barcelona—apart from the pack.

Passion: Every individual must find his or her passion and once it’s identified, it becomes the reason he or she gets out of bed in the morning. That fire in your heart can be cultivated into a career, a hobby, a sport, or some other activity. At Cornet Barcelona, our passion started years ago with our desire to create the world’s most beautiful wine glasses. Thousands of enthusiastic reviews from satisfied customers tell us that our passion positively serves the wants and needs of others. This international recognition and acceptance makes our work incredibly rewarding and motivates us to continually strive to surpass even our own high expectations.

Excellence: Never settle for anything less than the best. Face each new morning with the desire to improve on the day before. Spend every waking moment looking forward—not back—and accept challenges with enthusiasm. That’s exactly what we do at Cornet Barcelona. We insist on quality. No product moves forward until the previous step has been done to perfection. Our mindset? Do everything as if we’re doing it for our own family. This uncompromising insistence on quality has enabled Cornet Barcelona to create spectacularly beautiful art glassware that’s uniquely original.

Love: Without love to sustain us, there would be no life. Take a moment today and look into your significant other’s eyes and say the simple, but profound words, “I love you.” There is strength, compassion, and kindness in these words. (And even a hint of magic.) Because spoken at just the right time, they can motivate, inspire, and literally turn someone’s life around. Here at Cornet Barcelona, we not only love what we do, but we also love the amazing employees that are part of our company... and especially the customers we’re fortunate enough to serve who make it all possible.

Respect: Each of us is different in so many ways. Although we don’t always have to be in agreement, we must consider others’ thoughts, values, and opinions. Doing so demonstrates respect. Our company is committed to respecting every person we communicate with—especially our valued clientele—and we encourage our employees to always do the same.

Kindness: Smile at a stranger. Hold the door for the person behind you. Say an encouraging word to a child. Let someone ahead of you in line at the grocery store. Simple, right? Yet thoughtful gestures like these are all it takes to bring a little happiness to someone’s day and remind him or her that there are still decent people in the world. We at Cornet Barcelona have always embraced kindness because it it unerringly guides us to do good for others.

Integrity: Each day of your life is a new opportunity to be honest, demonstrate kindness, have faith, and show love. Be a role model for others. This is what integrity is all about. Integrity is a key component of our business. It’s why we ensure that everything we do is of the highest possible quality.


Our Vision

Our vision is to establish Cornet Barcelona as the leading premium glassware company and share the most beautiful wine glasses with as many people as possible while maintaining our uncompromised values.
  • We are honest, respectful, and kind in everything we do 
  • We are highly committed to our work
  • We strive to achieve excellence
  • We are dedicated to working hard
  • We offer constructive solutions to resolve complaints
  • We trust our employees, we trust our customers, and we trust ourselves
  • We encourage our colleagues and motivate them to do their very best
  • We share new ideas with others
  • We are aware that our performance directly influences the company’s direction
  • We embrace the gift of learning each and every day
  • We display love for our customers
  • We are emphatic
  • We take responsibility for our performance and our future
  • We are not afraid to make mistakes
  • We correct our mistakes and learn from them
  • We set goals before beginning each task
  • We ask effective questions of ourselves and others to receive effective answers
  • We know our rewards and successes in the future are linked to the actions and commitments we make today 

The Cornet Barcelona Mission Statement

To make people feel alive, happy, and excited by sharing positive values through the most beautiful wine glasses in the world inspired by La Sagrada Familia.