Holiday Table Guide

Holiday Table Guide

Hola again!

And welcome to the Holiday decoration guide!

What follows are simple tips you can use to create a stunning Holiday table with your ‘Sagrada’ glassware.

Let’s dive in!

For a truly elegant look and feel, start with a white or cream table cloth. Cotton works well. And linen looks beautiful too. But for maximum festive feel, consider something with a satin sheen.

The white or cream of your tablecloth creates a lovely base and provides contrast so the bright colors of your glassware really *pop*.

Next, set the table with the plates.

To continue the clean and elegant feel, white plates work best. If you have any with gold details, they’ll match the gold panels on your ‘Sagrada’ glassware.

And here’s an extra tip from our designers:

For a subtle and classy touch of color, consider topping your plates with a small branch of holly berries or maybe a small sprig of Christmas tree.

Now, for the cutlery:

If you have gold cutlery, it will match the gold accents on your plates and gold panels of your ‘Sagrada’ glassware.

However, silver works just fine.

And if you use silver, then add touches of silver elsewhere on the table. Maybe some decorative bows or tinsel here and there.

Next to your cutlery, place burgundy or deep red napkins. This will complement the crimson panels of your ‘Sagrada’ glassware and reflect the small decorative sprigs topping your plates.

For a dramatic centerpiece, fill a vase with about 90% light colored flowers, and 10% red or burgundy flowers.

This ratio of white to red will tie everything together. The white matches your table cloth, and the reds match your napkins, your glassware and… your wine!

And for a final touch:

Place a few tall white or gold candles in the center of the table. And a few shorter burgundy candles or “Christmas Tree” shaped candles around the table.

Just make sure your candles are a safe distance from the flowers.

Then, when you’re finished…

Step back and see how it looks!

For inspiration, here’s our finished design:

As you can see, the pops of color from the sprigs, candles and ‘Sagrada’ glassware against the cream and gold is so tasteful and elegant.

Look closely, and you’ll notice the table is set with the following ‘Sagrada’ pieces – each with its own function:

So there you have it!

A beautiful Holiday table. The sparkling colors and special touches are guaranteed to create a look and feeling everyone will remember for a lifetime.

Please let us know how it goes!

We’d LOVE to see a picture of your finished table. Especially if you added some personal touches or suggestions we can pass along to other Familia members.

Until then,

Salud, amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!

Albert Grimaldo,