Our Workshops: Where Brilliance and Beauty Is Hand-Crafted In Dedication to the Genius of Antoni Gaudi

When observing the stunning beauty of the world-renowned Sagrada Familia Basilica, many people are not only dazzled, but also moved to tears! To create this effect, each and every Cornet Barcelona glass is lovingly designed by hand by outstanding, talented artists who have honed their craft to produce exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces that bring joy and delight to each individual who has the pleasure of holding one of these eye-catching works of art in their hands.

Our company headquarter is located in the heart of Barcelona, very close to the unforgettable Sagrada Familia that has always been our inspiration. It is here where our glassware design was made and where this beautiful collection was brought to life. 

In this amazing place filled with rich culture, history (and the most delicious cuisine) that our glassware was born. We spent countless hours studying the basilica from every angle—those unforgettable stained glass windows are unlike anything else in the world—and we captured their rich color and sparkle and transformed them into something that can be enjoyed at every meal, every celebration, every moment. We’ve taken the soaring vibrance of those windows and masterfully transformed our already-gorgeous custom glassware into artistic pieces that you’ll be proud to share with loved ones, friends, and guests. As gifts, they’re absolutely breathtaking.

And while we feel both fortunate and grateful that our business is booming, keeping up with the demand has been challenging since each piece is handmade—unlike other companies that churn out glassware that’s been mass-produced by machines on factory production lines. To keep up with the demand, we’ve added two more exclusive workshops—one in Eastern Europe and the other in Asia—so that our artists can meet the demand of our rapidly growing customer base worldwide.

Our workshops employ the traditional, old-world mouth-blown glass making techniques to create masterfully shaped glasses that meet our strict requirements. Glass blowing—which requires undeniable skill, patience, tenacity, and dexterity—is an art form with a history dating all the way back to the Roman Empire… long before the birth of Jesus. The glass is heated to temperatures between 1,600 and 1,900°F until it glows brightly with a brilliant orange color. Cornet Barcelona artisans then shape the hot, molten glass into sleek and delicate forms using ancient glass blowing techniques that take years to master. Slowly, the glass is then cooled in a special furnace to both ensure the shape’s integrity so it remains sparklingly beautiful for years to come.

Next, our team of master artists skillfully apply a mesmerizingly beautiful palette of carefully selected paints so that each piece is transformed from beautiful to extraordinary, art-quality glassware. Vibrant, expressive colors—as rich and eye-catching as those Antoni Gaudi choose for the Sagrada Familia’s treasured windows—add life, movement and flair to each glass and turn everyday occasions into beautiful celebrations of color, art, and unforgettable brilliance.

This same meticulous process is followed for each and every piece of Cornet Barcelona glassware. It’s a time-consuming effort requiring careful hands, an artist’s eye, and profound patience. Fact is, it's the only way to ensure the superior quality that our valued customers have come to expect... and that we pledge to consistently deliver.